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System Integration

Building an homogeneous It infrastructure is a very challengeous scenario, at a certain level, you will always need some integrations, either due to different hardware or applications. One of our mission is to help you achieving this integration, from the concept to implementation.

Some of Fixon-It’s built solutions :

• Wi-fi solution : Fixon-It will make use of an upto-date tool pakage to plan your Wi-Fi network, in indoor building or outdoor scenarios. We will be able to give you a very accurate prediction of any depolyement Wi-fi scenario, supporting yourself into decision making. For 802.11a,b,g,n network.

• Metropolitan network deployment : Fixon-It has partenership with equipement vendors for which our technical team has been certified for installation and support. We will be able to plan proprietary OFDM radios for backhaul point-to point or point-to Multipoint.

We also have
WIMAX certified engineers to support and plan WIMAX network
• LAN cabling
• Assessment : If you dont know where to start, let’s audit your network and tell you what it is fro any advise.
• training : if you want to improve the knowledge and competences of your technical team,
Fixon-IT is proposing a range of training from general concept and technologies to vendor specific systems. The included domains are WIMAX, WiFi, Ip, Security, etc...


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